Full Service Grooming Salon for Dogs & Cats.

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We understand that many pet owners have a hard time clipping nails and cleaning their pet’s ears on their own. We have the experience and knowledge needed to provide comfortable nail and ear care services.

-Our friendly staff allows owners to stay with their animals

-We groom all breeds, no matter the size

or temperament

-We offer services to help with sensitive skin and shedding


More than just cat and dog grooming

Best Friends Grooming Salon offers more than just full service grooming and nail clipping for cats and dogs! We also offer nail services for ferrets, birds, bunnies, and more. Call for details today!

We customize our services.

Call to schedule you  nail and ear cleaning appointments today!

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We have 20 years of experience.

We service other animals, too!

We make your pet comfortable.

"Great-my 16 yr old CC the Schnauzer can get loving makeovers here !!!" - Jan Sanders



"Shaggy and Itsy Bitsy love their spa day and their time with the staff very caring people of you pets and i love them for the work they do and good they look when we get there and our pets are not all shook up like when we have been to other places VERY GOOD JOB KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!"  - Tammy Waklee