Full Service Grooming Salon for Dogs & Cats.

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Our team of expert groomers offers complete grooming services. Schedule one of our basic bath packages including: a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, drying, and brushing. You can also schedule a bath and full grooming service

which includes:

-Ear cleaning, paw pad cleaning, and nail and sanitary clip

-bath, and blowout

Complete grooming services for all breeds

Best Friends Grooming Salon’s customized services has led us to become Grand Forks’ favorite groomer. Our experienced groomers also offer nail and ear cleaning services for all breeds at affordable prices including:

      - Dogs

      - Cats

      - Ferrots

      - Birds

      - Bunnies

We pay close attention to detail

Call Best Friends Grooming Salon to schedule your full service grooming appointment today!


Enjoy our safe, comfortable salon

We'll get your pet looking beautiful

We have 20 years of experience

"The professional groomers handled my Teddi Bear puppy with gentle hands and a precision cut. My husband and I were impressed. I highly recommend Best Friends salon with no reservations."   - Nancy Johnson

Add-Ons to Full Service Grooms and Baths

-Skin Remedy Shampoo

-Oatmeal Shampoo

-Seasonal Shampoo

-Nail Paint

-Nail Grind

-Fresh Breath

-Blueberry Facial

-Hypoallergenic Shampoo


-De-Shed Shampoo